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The Recycooler

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The recycooler™ is a reusable and recyclable, green/earth friendly cooler made from a minimum 60% post-consumer product and printed with soy based ink. The recycooler™ is 100% recyclable and great for picnics, concerts, tailgating, ball games, road trips, and all types of events.

The patent pending design of a recycooler™ comprises a unique cellulose insulation component that is superior for keeping drinks and food COLD for long periods of time even in the hottest conditions. Best of all, by choosing the recycooler™ you are helping our environment by making a smart, environmentally conscious choice over traditional polystyrene coolers.

If you take care of your recycooler™ it will last for a long time, but when you are finished with the product just discard it in a recycling bin and buy a new one.