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Our Story

Recycool Inc., founded in March of 2009, manufactures and distributes recyclable products for an increasingly environmentally conscious market.With "going green" on the mind of so many Americans, Recycool focused its initial efforts on developing a product that would revolutionize the disposable cooler industry. After two years of research and development, Recycool succeeded in creating a recyclable, disposable cooler that meets every green consumer's demands. Using the greenest materials available, Recycool, Inc. invented the recycooler™, recyclable cellulose cooler.

Currently, Recycool manufactures standard 6, 12, and 24 pack recycoolers™ made from a minimum of 60% post consumer content. With a fully insulated lid and sides, our recycoolers™ are more than up to the challenge of keeping items cool in even the hottest of conditions.

For our corporate customers, a recycooler™ offers 5 sides of advertising space that can be designed and printed for no additional charge. But perhaps the best attribute of all is, when the useful life of a recycooler™ is exhausted, you can simply discard it in any cardboard recycling bin.